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“You'd think with over 20 years experience as a media buyer (TV, Radio, etc.) I could write an effective elevator speech, but Dave was able to look at my business from a different direction and simplify my message for my audience!

[email protected]

“As a CPA, who also offers part time CFO services, writing an elevator speech does not come naturally. But Dave was able to craft a mesage in minutes that captures what I do, and I what I am looking for...he is great!

[email protected]

"I sell billboard space, and was kind of a novice when it came to networking, and especially getting up and speaking for 60 seconds about my business. However, David really put some life into my elevator speech, breaking it down step by step, so now I have everybodys attention when I speak!

Gilbert, [email protected]

"I was constantly going to chamber events, and giving my speech about SendOutCards...with little results. After meeting with David, I now get 2-3 people approaching me after every event!

[email protected], SendOutCards

"WOW....within 30 minutes he came up with three new, creative ways to communicate what I do to my audience!

Jennifer Cotter, Prudential Georgia Realty, [email protected]